Top 5 Reasons- Why Google Adsense Is Disabled?

Why Google Adsense Is Disabled : Top 5 Reasons

Why google adsense is disabled

Friends, you know what Google Adsense is, but why it is disabled, I am going to tell you here.

Well there are many reasons for Adsense being disapproved, some of the main reasons I’m going to tell you. If you pay attention to this, your Adsense account will be safe.

So let’s know there are some reasons why the Adsense Account is Suspend.

Reason 1- Low Traffic or Invalid Traffic

Many people adopt this trick to increase their CTR (Click Through Rate) in Google Adsense. They resort to some websites
that provide a method of Fake Traffic. Nowadays there are many sites that offer Likes for Facebook Followers, Facebook Pages, or Likes for Post or Status, in the same way they also provide traffic. But this traffic is not of any use. Those people who come through invalidated traffic are not active on your site, resulting in the result that Google Adsense Account is disabled.

Why google adsense is disabled

Reason 2- Self Clicks Or Invalid Clicks

Many people think that when I have to meet CPC (Cost Per Click) then why not do some clicks by yourself and make money, then I want to tell such people that friends! It’s not that easy and Google is not a child, it recognizes your IP address; they will know that you have clicked by yourself. So these Clicks made by your own will be counted on Invalid Clicks.

Now the talk did not end here, now many people use their minds that if you let go of friends with clicks, then Google also knows about that matter. How long do you have to get Clicks from your friends? If only one friend clicks Clicks for days, then obviously
Google will be able to know. And you can not create thousands of friends who keep Clicks for you. Am I saying the right thing or
not? This is also one of the reasons why your Google Adsense Account is disabled.

Reason 3- Use Of VPN

A lot of people are now using VPN to earn from Adsense. Thousands of videos will be found in Youtube But you must be surprised that Google also knows that you are doing Invalid Clicks using VPN.Now the question arises how does Google know this?

So I would say that friends around you are
surrounded by Google. The god of today’s digital world is Google.Using VPN, I’d like to specifically tell the people who clicked through the mobile that most of the apps you use are of Google.

Your Playstore is Google’s product. Chrome is also Google’s product, Gmail is also Google, Maps is also Google,Youtube also has a Gmail id. The location of all of these keeps on, so that Google monitors your activity. When you download the app and when you are using it, all of this is known to Google.

So all the clicks done by VPN also come under the Invalid Clicks. This is also one of the reasons Google Adsense Account is Suspend.

Reason 4- Stacking The Articles Of Others And Posting It On Your Blog With Your Name

Many bloggers do not want to work hard simply want to get free money. So friends have to work harder in every work. No one can get the money for free.And if you have made a blog with just keeping money in mind then Believe it now, you will not be able to do it.

You have to work hard, make a blog only if you want to write it. If you are thinking that by creating your blog, stealing content from others’ blogs Posting on your blog will allow you to approve Google Adsense, then this is your misconception.

However, if your Google Adsense account is also approved, your Adsense Account will be disabled within a few days.

Now, the question has been raised in your mind how Google knows how to copy and paste, it is a very simple answer. Nowadays there are plenty of tools available that come in both free and paid versions.

Just like smallseotools in the free version, you can get access to many types of freebies by visiting the site. With the help of these tools, anyone can find out where such a copy has been copied. So this is also one of the main reasons Google Adsense is being disabled. So you are requested to make your blog first and then think of making it your profession.

Reason 5- Irregularity In Posting

Many people do not post regulars in their blog. Because of which their website was not active. I have mentioned such people in my Hindi language article How To Create A Blog In Hindi. Regularity is also important in posting. If you post regularly, your blog will get a good response or otherwise the
blog will remain active and as a result your Google Adsense Account will be disabled.

So these were some of the main reasons that Google Adsense Account is disabled. Hope you guys would have liked this article. If you liked this article, then share more, subscribe.
If you do not have your mood to do this then there is no pressure, you have spent your precious time reading it, that is enough for me.

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