How to do Recharge of Your FASTag? [Easy Method]

Day by Day Digitalization of Everything is being done. FASTag plays important role for paying toll tax. In India FASTag is getting popular. Today I’m going to tell you about how can you do recharge of your FASTag.

How to do Recharge of Your FASTag, FASTag Recharge
How to do Recharge of Your FASTag

What is FASTag? Why is it necessary?

FASTag looks like a sticker. But Bar Code is available in FASTag. By Scanning FASTag, Toll tax is paid. Now it’s common. Every car owner and others who have a vehicle has a FASTag otherwise one have to pay double amount as a Toll Tax.

Let us assume, Toll Tax is ₹70 if you have FASTag but if you haven’t FASTag, you have to pay ₹140. So FASTag is necessary for every vehicle owner.

How to do Recharge of FASTag?

FASTag works like a wallet. So you have to recharge of your FASTag.

You can use any upi app or paytm for doing Recharge of Your FASTag.

Just Go to any app like phone pe, gpay, amazon, paytm and search for FASTag Recharge.

Click on FASTag Recharge.

After Clicking on FASTag Recharge, fill your vehicle number.

After Filling vehicle number, you can do Recharge of your FASTag.

Final Word- FASTag is very necessary, if you don’t have FASTag, Go and Purchase one and Save your Money.

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