Best Free Screen Recorder Apps For Android With Audio, Best Screen Recorder For Android 2020 :

For various reasons we need to capture a video of the screen of our smartphone in our daily life. It can either be to record a learning tutorial or to record a live video on Social Media Applications.

So how can you do this screen recording?  Well, you would require an app to record your smartphones’ screen. There are a huge number of apps available in the playstore market which could be used very well for the purpose of recording your smartphones’ screen.

However, to help you select the best of all, we have shortlisted few of the best screen recorder app for Android smartphone with audio.

Best free screen recorder apps for android wirh audio
Best free screen recorder apps for android wirh audio

So, you may use any of the below-mentioned apps to design Gifs and edit videos within the apps, and use them for your screen recorded videos.

Top 7 Best Free Screen Recorder App for Android With Audio

Here is the list of 7 best screen recording apps for Android Phone:

1. Super Screen Recorder –

This app doesn’t require you to root your android smartphone, however would help you to record your mobile phone’s screen in a short time.

You may record the video in a high quality with upto 1080P, 12Mbps, and 60 FPS. To use it for different platforms, you can manipulate its frame rates, bit rates and resolutions.

The pause and resume button gives you the independence to skip the undesirable parts in recorded video. This makes up to be an important feature which will help you in avoiding the post editing part.

It is highly sensitive to the phone shake and allows you to stop the recording and remove the recording bar from the notification panel in an emergency situation.

The app supports the long sized video recordings along with SD card as a default storage option.

If you wish to add a watermark, you may do it. However, it is disabled by default. Screen recording modes available – Portrait and landscape.

2. AZ Mobile App (Best Free Screen recorder apps for Android with audio)

It is another best screen recording app for Android smartphones with audio. AZ mobile app comes with no restrictions in terms of recording time. Important thing to note is that there’s no watermark allowing to use it without any distracting logo in the video.

You can record your smartphones’ screen in both HD and Full HD quality. You may also record the audio via mic comfortably, and it automatically gets synced with the recorded video with ease. This makes it useful while the game recording or to create a guiding tutorial.

It allows you to add comments to it as well. It helps you indicating what element has been touched on the screen to make it understandable for the viewers of your recorded video. 

Along with an easy to use interface, the app comes handy with many useful features. You can adjust the bit rate, screen resolution, screen orientation, customised timer etc as per your convenience.

It allows you to set a location to save the recordings whether it be your Internal storage or SD Card.

It allows you to share the videos directly on various platforms with inbuilt sharing buttons.

3. Rec. Screen Recorder

Rec. Screen Recorder is an Android Screen recording application that works best for Android version 4.4 and above as claimed by the app description on the Playstore.

Although to use it for Android 4.4 version, the rooting of your smartphone would be required. This is one of the best application among screen recorders for Android when it comes to flexibility.

You get clear videos recorded along with good quality audio sync. However you can record the screen of your Android smartphone for only upto one hour with this app.

The best part is its clean user interface which separates it from all the other applications available on Google Playstore.

It allows you to save all the recordings in the preset location on your device.

You can set the timer to record in a specific time with the customisations predefined in the app settings.

You can see the taps on the screen while recording to understand the video.

To stop the recording, simply shaking the phone or switching off the screen would do.

4. Mobizen

Mobizen is another best screen recorder app for Android with audio. It’s a user-friendly android application which has many features to help recording your phone’s screen in no time.

You may get the video recorded in full HD quality, 1080 P resolution, 12 Mbps, 60 FPS. It is a free screen recording app for Android smartphone to record the gameplay, instructions or video chats.

Built-in video editor helps to get more over it, and also you can share the recording easily on different platforms. The video recorded with the app does not contain a watermark as we already mentioned it’s a free application.

It is a highly convenient app when it comes to recording video used on Android smartphone with the version starting from 4.4.

You can save all your work on the device itself and use it as per your need.

5. Google play games

Google Play games is a great app to be used as a free screen recorder for Android smartphone. It is highly popular among the gamers who are interested of showcasing their talents by streaming the live gameplay.

This feature is available in the app itself. You can also try the livestream feature for the other works when recording your smartphones’ screen too.

The quality of upto 720p or 480p resolution videos can be recorded easily with the help of the app. Additionally, this Android screen recording app lets you add audio with the mic on your device itself. You can add commentary with the recording, and it is automatically added along.

The feature update of adding the selfie camera video recording is ongoing and would be really helpful.

Get it here

6- ApowerREC

ApowerREC is a robust and free smartphone screen recording app for Android. You can record anything on the screen of your Android device along with the audio.

You can use it to record full screen video with HD resolution for showcasing a certain demonstration with step by step approach in a very easy way. You can keep the recording switched on and the audio will be recorded alongside.

This video will be recorded in 1080p resolution and you can also customize the setting of quality within the app itself. While explaining an app such as Maps you can show the path on the screen and in reality with the screen recording.

It is available in both modes landscape as well as portrait.

It has all the necessary functions in the floating action panel to make it work with ease for the start, pause or stop action of recording.

This has a feature of giving time beforehand starting the recording to prepare the environment for recording.

The recording does not embody any sort of watermark.

7- Screen Recorder & Music, Video Editor Record Free

Screen Recorder & Music, Video Editor Record Free is another addition to our list of Android Screen recording app which work flawlessly.

You may use it to record your Android smartphone’s screen for multi usage.

It will be helping you to create GIFs and tutorials for your YouTube or Tiktok videos.

This screen recording app for Android works well with the audio and will also let your record the sound of environment in which you are recording with the microphone.

You are allowed to add subtitles elaborating the steps followed to make it understandable. The app has a useful timer feature which allows 3 seconds of preparation time by default.

You get to manage your Phone in the 3 secs provided by it after the recording starts, which will avoid any unnecessary post-record editing.

The quality of the recorded videos is in 1080p resolution to provide you with high definition record support on social sharing sites.

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Hope Guys You Liked these 7 Best Free Screen Recorder Apps For Android with Audio. Every App has it’s own Pros and Cons. You can choose any of best screen recorder apps For Android according to details which are Given. Kindly Share this List with Your loved Ones.