Best Free Keyword Research Tool Still at Top 10 in 2020

Best free keyword Research tool

Guys Today I’m Going to tell you about best Free Keyword Research tool. Generally When we talk about keyword research tools Ahref, Semrush, moz etc come in our mind. But These are paid tools.

Which is the best free keywords Research tool? Google itself is the best free keywords research tool.

Why the Google is best free Keyword Research tool?

Google is the best, because it’s the most popular search engine in this world. When People Search something on the google. Google Shows some Related Searches. These Related Searches are our keywords.
When we type a word or keyword in the search bar, google shows other long tail keywords too. And after Searching any keyword it shows Related searches too. So Google is the best free keyword Research tool still in 2019.


There are lot of keywords research tools. But no one can beat best free keyword Research tool Google. In my opinion if you are newbie in the blogging field,then google is the best option for keyword Researching. And Blogger is the great option for blogging. This blog is also hosted on Blogger Platform.
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